A Love Affair

If you’ve read my bio you know that “accessories” were my first love.  I say that because in a sense they were the solution to a problem… Problem – young girl loves fashion, feminine stuff, being creative – girl doesn’t easily find clothing that she likes that fits her well. The new trendy outfits that…


I’ve made it a priority to make and enjoy one smoothie a day.  It ensures daily that I get in veggies, fruits and superfoods that I might not have consumed otherwise. This regimen has contributed greatly I believe to the my weight loss and health lifestyle changes.    The recipes that I’ve catalogued, for the most part,…

Dear Brooklyn

Born & Raised. They say home is where is the heart is. From the eateries to the crowded streets & subways… to the art, music & soul that is Brooklyn. These posts are dedicated to just that.. my Dear Brooklyn.  Spread love it’s the Brooklyn way.  XoXo GB

How I’ve Kept it Off

I listed below the top 10 things that I attribute to my sustainable weight-loss and health journey.  In future posts I’ll delve in to each of these more but here is the quick sum up.   I Realized that the Power was Mine – From childhood I’ve tried to lose weight numerous times and always reverted back….