We’re moving! Ok not quite, actually they’re moving.. the jewels.  The accessories that were available here on GBinStyle are now on gwenbeloti.com, my retail brand site.  I introduced jewelry to GBinsStyle.com because they had such a significant impact on my confidence and mood regardless of what size I was.

I’ve always had an appreciation for their all-inclusive traits.  Jewelry doesn’t’ size discriminate, clothes on the other hand when it comes to fit can pose challenges.  I struggled with that some, before creating my own apparel brand.  Amid those inconveniences however, I could always rely on accessories to supplement and compliment my wardrobe. 

I wanted to celebrate that by sourcing and now designing jewelry and accessory items that other people could enjoy.  I have in conjunction with feedback from others, decided that it would be more user friendly to house the accessories with the apparel on one retail site, my brand site gwenbeloti.com.  You can now find all the accessories there.  

If you are on the GBinStyle mail-list then you’ve received your $10 off code for any item at gwenbeloti.com. If you aren’t on the list but sign up by May 15th you’ll get your $10 off code too.  Send an email to hey@gbinstyle.com or send a message and request your code.


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