"The Mastermind is an alliance of two or more people working in harmony with a positive mental attitude toward a definite end." - Think and Grow Rich by N. Hill

Myself and two close girlfriends met at Daily Press in Bushwick this week to have what N. Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich, calls a Mastermind Meeting.  We are currently disecting and digesting the text.  The editor at the very top of the book recommends meeting regularly, in a formal fashion, with people who are friendly and harmonious....& so we met harmoniously to inspire one another, support each others' goals and aspirations in pursuit of success.  

The Daily Press was a cool place to meet, dimly lit, large open space with a rustic feel.  We each only had tea so I can't speak to the food.  If we find ourselves there for our November meeting I'll give the cuisine a try and report back! 

"Life is strange, and often imponderable! Both the successes and the failures have their roots in simple experiences."  - Think and Grow Rich by N. Hill

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