Mini Zip Pouches and XL Gold Safety Pins, both small accessories that might appear seemingly insignificant but can be of great value. 

Gold XL Safety Pin

Also known as a blanket, kilt or diaper pin.  For years, I’ve used these luster-full metal pins as accents to my wardrobe.  I went through some old photos looking for looks I incorporated them in.  I feel like I should call this post 'find the pin' because they might be a little hard to spot.  That's part of the beauty though, of something unexpected, meaning you might not think to add a gold pin to your jeans, top or dress but it can do so much in a subtle way to jazz up your outfit. 

  • Accents to distressed denim
  • Accents to belt loops with or with a shirt tied around your waist
  • Accents to shirt pockets
  • Accents to knitted sweaters
  • Accents to whatever you think is cool!


I find they work best on denim and cotton.  Because it is a large pin and it pierces it can leave a tiny whole.  The ones in the photos are 3" and 4". I would decide first where you want to place it and then pin and hook it.  Cotton and denim, if it makes a hole you can kinda nudge the threads back together.  Other materials like silks and such not so much.


You can take the pin in and out but I wouldn’t overdo it, especially not on delicate material.   It works well on knits because you can loop the pin right in between the yarns not piercing anything at all. 


Think of accents like button pins and broches and use them that way.  It’s an inexpensive way to do a lil something.  It’s stylish and functional, maybe you want to use it as a closure to your cardigan, or to hold something up... either way it works. You can get these at your local fabric and craft store, or online. The gold wears well too, I've had mind for years and they look like new!


Mini Zip Pouch

Many of us have collected small pouches from random places, maybe a subscription box or the beauty products you recently purchased came in one.  I make some myself and others I’ve collected. 

I find them to be of great use for organizing my lippies.  I have four on my beauty stand and I keep my nudes in one, pinks in another, reds in the third, and burgundy browns in the last.  I like that the pouches are different colors and styles. I’ll just grab the pouch that has the shade I’m in the mood for.  It’s a convenient approach to finding and organizing your lippies.




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