“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

On the commute or at the gym w/ earbuds of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, podcasts is the Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson.  Shawn is a health and fitness expert producing one of the top health podcasts out.  Since the first episode I listened to I’ve been hooked.  I learned about his show listening to another great podcast, Beyond the Business Suite with Kailei Carr.  Kailei raved about the show and I tuned in.  I have since gone back and binged listened to just about every past episode, with no regrets.   

Shawn delivers health and wellness information in a way that is digestible (no pun intended), straightforward, research supported and flexible.  Flexible in that he acknowledges that everyone’s journey and walk is different and you can’t subscribe all people to the same formula or put every person in the same box.

I think it can be difficult, it was for me, trying to figure out and decipher what method and regimen is best when it comes to your health and fitness.  When I started my journey about 2 years ago, I kicked it off with something called the 21 day fix. I did it for a couple of months and then slowly started to do my own thing.  It was an amazing learning experience and a jumping board to get me “thinking” about health.  The weightloss was no longer the only consideration but why health matters became just as, if not more, important.  That is what has made it sustainable for me. 

So I don’t know that it's how you start that matters most, but instead just getting started and deciding that your health is a priority.  Making the decision, being committed and open to learning, and staying the course is the formula that has worked for me.

“The important point is to start on the path and to remember that no matter what has gone on before, you can begin fresh and new anytime you choose. You can start with a clean slate.” The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Have a listen to the show, I attribute much of my recent health education, on this here journey of mine, to the nuggets of wisdom I’ve gotten by listening to this podcast.

He also does an excellent job addressing health across all spectrums, physical, mental, financial, spiritual, etc.  His holistic approach to wellness is awesome.

Great show.


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