We've rung in the new year, thought about our goals and aspirations.  Somewhere in there might be commitment to more mindful health practices.  On January 4th'ish my girlfriend and I had a girls day at her place, in good 'ol Brooklyn.  She provided the Coquito and Guatemalan tamales (sooo darn good), a once a year treat.   My contribution was organic arrowroot powder, baking soda, coconut oil, and essentials oils.. not to be eaten though, that's what the tamales were for.  My grocery list was for DIY deodorant. Yup homemade deo!

I am currently wearing homemade deodorant, and so far so good *insert big eyed surprise face emoji*.  I've been wanting to explore some natural options, particularly because 'natural' is often synopsis with 'healthier option'.  Making an attempt to spend some time in the health and wellness space, by way of podcast consumption and periodic article readings, I've come across tidbits of information, insight and varying perspectives on wellness and natural alternatives. I figure why not give it a try.

Change isn't always easy though, especially when you're opting for something that's more on the unconventional side, natural or not.  The potential health benefits outweighed the skepticism though,  so after I ran out of the Donna Karen deodorant that I swore by the last two years, I opted not to re-up.

I did some googling and came across the article below, "Homemade Deodorant that Really Works".  I think it was the "really works" part that sold me and that I also happened to have most of the ingredients that the "recipe" called for.  The  remaining items I ordered.  


  1. baking soda
  2. organic arrowroot powder
  3. organic unrefined coconut oil
  4. essential oils ( we used lemon and orange)

I was concerned about the coconut oil, worried it would stain my blouses, but no greasy stains.  Also thought about possible skin irritation, but none. 

I've worn the deo under regular everyday circumstances and under stressful circumstances and all good. 

 Stress... Why Stress Sweat Is Different
“Stress sweat is unique because it comes from a different gland,” -Refinery 29
 "Stress body odor actually puts off a stronger scent than other types of sweat." -

See where I'm going with this... and I really have no complaints.

Natural - all natural products, no added preservatives or chemicals
Cost - DIY inexpensive 
Fragrance - you pick your preference
Quantity - well over a month for 1/2 of a batch
Shelf-life - up to 6 months
Availability- make more whenever you run out
Application - gotta use a stick or your hands

The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

So...I store the deodorant in a cute lil glass jar w/ a teal top jar and treat it as I would store bought deodorant.  It might be worth the try, only 30 days in so we'll see if in another 30 I'm just as giddy about this homemade deo.  Check out the full recipe and instructions here.



P.S. I attempted to also DIY perfume oil using the essentials oils, yea didn't go over so well, need more practice. Once perfected will update!

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