Not sure if it's the effort or the lack there of that I'm in awe of the most.

The effort of building a wardrobe of items that will allow you to conveniently throw them together ever so painlessly. 

He seems so chill.. I assume that this was an easy fit for him.  It is just a coat, pants, a top, kicks and some cool sunnies.  The big pic however says "I got some style".  

Could it have been carefully and meticulously curated, sure.  If it was effortless though, it's quite possible it was such because his wardrobe made it so.  When your wardrobe is stocked with certain essentials, it makes it easy to grab an go.

When you've figured out what works for you, for your body type...for your personal aesthetic.. it makes it easy to grab and go.  Most things that you grab work.

Be it an innate sense of style or time invested in laboriously curating,  his look says comfort, style, chill, confident. 


Photo cred- IG: @mrcavco via @mensfashionpost - Paris Fashion Week


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