I am not my yesterday.
I am - instead what l've learned from yesterday.
I am - how I've used what I learned from dear yesterday to improve my today.
If I so chose, I am not my yesterday, but instead a better version of it, because I decided.
I made a decision to not let my dear yesterdays define me or who I am becoming.
Cheers today to your better you.
Came across this and thought it was beautiful.  Many of the books I've read over this past year an prior, talk about the opportunity of starting a new.  One of my favorite authors, Andy Andrews in his book The Noticer, that I read several years ago and found life changing... talks about sustainable change this way:  
"At this very moment, you possess the power of perspective.  You can choose to see your life becoming whatever you wish.  If you so choose, you can move mountains in your life's path with the eventual help of those who will come to love you and learn to respect you for what you are becoming."
"But know this: you have yet to deal with the consequences of some of your actions.  It will not be an easy process.  There are those who will doubt your motives and warn others away from you because of your past.  But let me make you a promise: if you will face the consequences honorably and generously, seeking forgiveness with a spirit of honest remorse, you will eventually win the hearts of the who hate you."
From another read just this year, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, (amazing book), the author sums up new beginning by simply sharing: 
“The important point is to start on the path and to remember that no matter what has gone on before, you can begin fresh and new anytime you choose. You can start with a clean slate.”
BECOMING and CHOICE seem to be the reoccurring 'nouns' in the discussion of starting a new...
1. an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.
1. any process of change.
On the heels of 2019, new day (new blessing), new opportunity.
P.S. All this talk of becoming Mrs. Obama's new book is on the to read list!

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