I (Gwen Beloti Collection) was popping up at an event last week and a customer came by our shop area and said, "oh are those in again, is it that time".  She was referring to our offering of ankle bracelets an warmer weather approaching.  My response, "when were they not in?"

Me personally, I wear my anklets all year round.  Why you ask? Because I love how they look and how they make me feel.  The awesome thing about style is that you get to dictate what it means to you.  Fashion is the tangible item, the thing that allows you to tell your style story to the world.  What great freedom of expression you have.  

Your unique story vs, trends...
Trends are cool, I'm not opposed to them at all.  It can be fun and exciting to jump on a new thing that everyone is enjoying and going crazy over.  What the masses deems trendy and fashionable however definitely isn't the only avenue to express your style.   You can start your own trends, you can even decide that you want said 'trend' to be a timeless staple for you, and that is okay.  You can wear your anklets all year round.  Make your own rules!

How wonderful it is to not always look for direction but instead lead with what makes you feel good and brings you joy.  Do more of that.

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Style- how we feel, give, and live.  Let's stay stylishly connected!

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