inspired by the freedom that style affords us to express ourselves. A girl in love with fashion, navigating said space, as she journeyed to better her health and wellness; grateful for the before, the after, the during & the to come

She thought she should, so she did.


My love for fashion and search for happiness led me her down a path of ‘true-self’ discovery. Along the way I lost just about 70 pounds after battling with weight and body insecurities my entire life.  I’ve learned and am still learning what sustainable healthy looks and feels like; all the while engulfed in this fashion arena and creative space which has given me a unique perspective on style. 

Over the years, the ups, the downs, the ups.

At a young age my style was influenced heavily by accessorizing.  I turned to accessories to make creative statements with my dress since finding clothes that fit well and I liked was sometimes a challenge.  Often times the cool new trendy garments that my friends were buying didn’t fit me.  I started investing in accessories, one-size fits all items that didn’t size discriminate.  Items in the likes of jewels, handbags, & shoes.  I fell in love with the options that accessorizing affords you.  I mostly enjoyed the experience, being able to create, build, and style beyond the garment. 

Fast-forward, I decided to build on the ‘styling’ by creating my own brand, namesake womenswear brand, Gwen Beloti Collection, which would allow me to design my own garments. I did what came natural and produced apparel that was reflective of my aesthetic and what was accommodating (fit & style wise) for me. I created what I didn’t find readily available.  “I shall either find a way or make one”

What I didn’t realize until much later, was just how intentional my designs were and how accommodating they were for so many other women. With my weight fluctuating up and down at different periods of my life I’ve worn the gamut of sizes in women’s clothing. Currently my brand Gwen Beloti Collection carries up to a size 16/18, the largest size I’ve worn. At my heaviest weight and at my current size, when designing I’m always thinking about fit and silhouette.  At no point do I consider sacrificing style for either, but instead considering them all equally. I’ve always had to be innovative and creative.  

I’m grateful that this skill set extends beyond fashion.  Infusing what has always given me joy, being creative, has had the most profound impact on the health and wellness part of my journey.  It’s made it fun and sustainable. I’m not discounting the challenges, of losing 70 pounds and keeping it off or of making health a priority, not by any means.  I am however appreciative of how being creative and open-minded has made the ride a lot more colorful. Being open to learning and exploring varying perspectives has made it insightful.

I enjoy infusing what style means to me in all areas of my life.  When I started cooking my meals, because homemade meals are healthier, I wanted my food to not only be tasty but presentable, so in essence I “design” when I prepare my meals. I like to enjoy them with stylish cutlery and drink my one-a-day smoothies out of clear glass jars with gold lids and colorful straws.  When I workout I like to wear bright sneakers. These things might all sound trivial, but it’s not so much about the thing or the task but more about the experience that they create and the memories that are made.   Noticing and paying attention to these little nuggets of happy has been immensely impactful. 


“I shall either find a way or make one”

“& enjoy the process along the way.”