If you’ve read my About Me page or The Journey posts you know that I was following a seemingly healthy lifestyle for a few years, before going plant based. I started chronicling some of that journey and I put together the 10 tips below – tips on how I was able to keep my weight off. I made this list before going plant-based, specifically alkaline vegan. Interestingly enough all of the tips still hold true. Where I am currently with my diet, feels like an amplified version of my efforts from the past few years.

Her are the top 10 things that I have attributed to my sustainable weight-loss and health journey.  In future posts I’ll delve in to each of these more but here is the quick sum up.  

  1. I Realized that the Power was Mine – From childhood I’ve tried to lose weight numerous times and always reverted back.  At the end of every diet after I had seen some results usually in the form of pounds lost, instead of being fully excited, a part of me was sad. Sad because I knew that just like the previous attempts this win was only temporary.  This time however, there was a moment that I realized that the old narrative didn’t have to be my truth anymore.  It was like a lightbulb ‘AHA’ epiphany kinda moment, like wait a minute.. I GET TO DECIDE what goes in to this body and how I treat it. ME.
  2. Made a Decision – I decided in the moment that I would make the effort to make this time different, to make it lasting.  I decided that it wouldn’t be a fad  but instead a way of life. 
  3. Calorie and Macro Tracking – I would never get on the scale or measure what I ate.  I’d say things like “oh I’ll just base it off of how my clothes fit” or “the scale doesn’t matter”.  Don’t get me wrong, both of those statements are perfectly okay, but not when they’re actually excuses.  It wasn’t until I started holding myself accountable that I saw real change. When I really saw how what I was eating and how much I was eating impacted how I felt and how I looked.
  4. Food Education & Healthier Options – Some how, some way along this journey, the quality of what I ate started to matter.  The benefits and nutritional story behind different foods has become increasingly important and interesting. More important than tracking how much I eat, I make an effort to consider the types of  food, i.e. whole foods vs. processed, organic (when it’s affordable – just saying the stuff isn’t cheap), etc.   I’ve learned a lot by listening to health podcasts and reading articles about nutrition.  I can honestly say that I’m a little fascinated with it.  I NEVER thought I would be this person or be in this space.  #grateful
  5. Freezer Prep – My momma calls me the freezer queen.  Some how I opted for freezer prep as my go-to versus weekly prepping.  Cooking majority of my own meals is super important to me.  I’m up an out almost everyday and I don’t want to leave room for uncertainty about what I’m going to eat.  I like freezer prepping because I can make a variety of dishes that can some times last up to a couple or a few months. 
  6. Fitness – Exercise 4-5 times a week on average.  My goal is to be consistent and to push myself to improve.  I’m no Flo Jo or Serena but I make an effort.  My go to is cardio and jogging, but I’ve become more an more aware of the value of strength training and started to incorporate into my regimen. There is so much more I want to achieve in this area. 
  7. Forgiveness – None of this is a perfect science.  There are times that I fall off track. I forgive myself and remind myself of how far I’ve come.  Most importantly I remind myself of the “why” why this journey and these accomplishments are so important to me… because I matter!  My goal is to, majority of the time, make better, smarter and healthier decisions.  This body, life and soul are blessings and I want to show a little bit more gratitude for them each day.  
  8. Acknowledging & Appreciating the Small Wins – It’s easy to want immediate results, to want to go from 0 to 100 real quick, but often times that’s not how life works.  The small wins are just as important as the big win. When you lost your first 5 pounds, or when you took the time to learn about the effects of too much sugar and processed food.. or when you started appreciating home cooked meals and drinking more water…. each of these endeavors by themselves might seem minimal but compounded over time they are what gets you to your big goal.

    “If I stay on the road long enough I’ll get the result I’m seeking” – The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
  9. Smoothies One-A-Day – I’ve made it a priority to make and enjoy one smoothie a day.  It ensures daily that I get in veggies, fruits and superfoods that I might not have consumed otherwise. This regimen has contributed greatly I believe to my weight loss and health lifestyle changes.
  10. Making it Fun – Make it colorful and pretty. Definitely not a priority.. well for some, BUT for me it is!  Presentation matters to me.  I’m already obsessed with accessories so naturally I like my dishes and cutlery to be presentable, stylish and colorful.  I like to make an experience out of dining, even at home! Research shows that there is real value in this.  When I think about the effort I put into making my meals enjoyable not just by taste but presentation and experience, I don’t want to then negate that by going back to old bad habits.  It’s an opportunity for me to appreciate my efforts and savor the moment. 

EFFORT... I used the word a lot in this post… it’s because effort is a really good way of summing up How I’ve Kept It Off! 


  1. a vigorous or determined attempt.

I hope this was insightful in some way and maybe it’ll resonate with you.

Signed a girl who has battled with her weight for a long long long time.. but has arrived at a healthier place that she believes is lasting.. because she is invested in continuing to better herself, educate herself, forgive herself, and make it fun.