It’s February and chilly outside in NYC. Cold or not though, I’m having a smoothie just about every day. I think we tend to associate smoothies with the warmer months but even in the winter they remain a part of the daily routine.

These one-a-day smoothies that I enjoy and attribute to keeping the weight off that I’ve lost, are more often consumed as a snack vs a meal replacement.  Sometimes however, I’ll curate them into a meal. Smoothie bowls are fun because you can turn the traditional “drink” into a dining experience. I like that you can make them look pretty, not necessary but definitely adds to the experience. Pour your smoothie into a nice bowl and top it with some colorful berries, fruit, and granola – it’s nutritious and aesthetically appealing.

The smoothie that we’re talking about today, I’ll eat for breakfast and top w/ some homemade granola. It has a nice creamy, nutty, and slightly sweet taste. 

Green Banana Orange Smoothie Ingredients
Orange (frozen) – 1/2 large
Banana (frozen) – 3/4 medium (organic)
Honey – 1 tsp
*Chlorella / Spirulina -1/2 tsp (superfood) (health benefits of Chlorella & Spirulina)
Hemp Seed – 1 tsps (superfood) (trader joe’s brand)
Organic Spinach – 1 cup
Almond Butter 2 tsps
Water – 1/2 cup
*Click items above if you’re interested in purchasing the brands I used

Using frozen fruits makes the smoothie thick and icey. The oranges I buy whole, peel and cut into 4 quarters.  The bananas, usually get organic,  I peel and break them into 3 pieces, not perfectly even.  Put the bananas and oranges each in their own freezer bag and in the freezer they go!

Granola recipe, I found online, it is SO yummy.  I tweaked it just slightly…

– Used coconut flour 1 tbsp (didn’t have any flakes)
– Used pecans instead of cashews
– Used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil

Bake your granola for the EXACT amount of time at the EXACT temperature indicated in the recipe.  One of the first few times I made it I decided to up the temp because I wanted the oats browner.  In less than like 3 minutes at the higher temp I could smell it burning.  The granola though it didn’t look burnt, tasted exactly how it smelled (insert sad face).  It wasn’t too too bad though (I ate it), but definitely wouldn’t do that again.

Curate your meal

Make your granola then blend up your smoothie ingredients and pour it into a pretty bowl.  Finally, top it with some of your homemade granola and voila! 

Smoothie plus one 1/4 cup of granola – 385 calories
Smoothie – 220 calories
Granola – 1/4 cup 165 calories



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