On the Gwen Beloti Facebook page this year we kicked off Style Chat Monday’s.  Every Monday we post a style/fashion related topic and people chime in.  This week the topic was Hoops vs. Studs. We posted a poll in our IG stories and you can see what the audience had to say. I’m not sure I agree though…  

I usually start off the conversation and share my take on the topic.  I shared with the group that for me when I was younger I would ONLY wear hoops, usually larger hoops.  I wouldn’t wear smaller earrings or studs, I didn’t feel cute or pretty unless I had on big earrings.  I think it had to do with having a chunkier – larger face and feeling like “proportionately” studs didn’t suit me.  Me and my weight and being comfortable in my skin, for a very long time, was difficult. I’m uber thankful that that way of thinking didn’t last forever, not sure when I realized otherwise, but glad I did. 

Today I LOVE me some studs. Wearing studs is a great way to highlight the frame of your face and celebrate your features.  I wear them solo or with other pairs stacked in my second and third lobe piercings.  

What determines which route I take, hoop or stud(s), is usually my mood, hairdo, or occasion.  I love them both equally, which is fun because there are so many more style options to play with.

Are you a bigger earrings girl only and haven’t given studs a try? Or your go-to is strictly studs b/c you feel hoops are just too much?  Most women that I chat with at pops-ups and online who prefer one over the other, are really interested in trying the other option but are anxious about wearing them because they don’t think they could pull it off.  At the end of the day you gotta go with what makes YOU feel good, even if your besties say “Sis you look good”…. But maybe since it’s 2020 and apparently our vision is a lot better this year, you may want to give that other option a try.

You can check out the Gwen Beloti earring styles on gwenbeloti.com here


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