We are one week into 2020 already! What better way to kick-off the new year than with some chocolate, healthy chocolate.

By the way, this post is dedicated to my good friend who said and I quote…

“I was like …. I haven’t seen a damn smoothie post in forever.  What is going on with her” 

He is referring to my Instagram timeline. Since I consume a smoothie a day, I am often inclined to share a photo of me holding it in a clear glass jar with a gold lid, usually on a sunny day in the grass somewhere. 

Having a smoothie a day has been a part of my regimen for almost two years now.  The reason I haven’t posted a pic of a “one-a-day” smoothie in a while is because I’ve been excitedly preoccupied with starting up, designing new apparel and jewels for and curating Golden Stories Accessory Box.  

So s/o to my friend, this is the first of many smoothie posts I’ll share here on GBinStyle.

THE SMOOTHIE!!!! I categorize them into two main categories juicy vs creamy.

How I define creamy, it usually has a non dairy milk as the liquid base and some nut butter in it.  The texture is typically thick enough that you’d “eat” it with a spoon versus a straw.

but TIP….. I’ve since been able to achieve a creamy textured smoothie using water as the liquid base instead of a non dairy milk of sorts. So those not into milk or nut butters you can still get a thick smoothie using water.  Will share one of those recipes in another post.

My fave creamy smoothie is reminiscent of chocolate pudding or ice cream. Here is the recipe:

Beets (pre-cooked and packaged) – ⅓ cup
Cacao (raw chocolate) – 2 tsps  
Almond Milk – ½ cup
Bananas (organic- I use bananas that I’ve frozen myself) – ½ of a medium
Wild Blueberries (usually frozen) – ⅓ cup
Almond butter – 2 tsps
Date Lady Syrup (so darn yummy)- 2 tsps
Kale or Mixed Greens – ¾ cup
Chia seeds (makes it thick and jeallatin like) – 1 tsp  
*Avocado – ¼ of a medium

Blend it all up and there you have it!

Nutrition approx. 260 calories (not including the avocado)
Carbs 40g Fat 9.5g Protein 7.5g

Great for a breakfast meal replacement, or a hearty snack.  Think pudding or ice cream… but what you really have is fruits, veggies, and superfoods. #yumm

Maybe give it a try!



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