A few months ago I stopped in to Sephora to get a foundation sample and I needed a new mascara, I wanted to try something different.  My go-to for a while had been “Better Than Sex” by Too Faced.  After chatting with one of the consultants we decided on “Perversion” by Urban Decay.   Interesting product names.

Any who, I get to the register and ask the lovely woman behind the counter ringing me up, how long should mascara last? What prompted the question …

1. If felt like I had just purchased a new mascara

2. The price point, around $25-$30 

Regarding the price, if it’s great quality and long lasting I’m all for it.  Regarding feeling like I just invested in one, to the mascara’s defense, I do use quite a bit.  I typically apply 3-4 coats during each wear.  In lieu of wearing eyeliner I opt for dramatizing my eyes and lashes as much as I can with mascara. With that, even though I use quite a bit, it still felt like I was running out too quickly. I inquired about the wear of a standard sized tube of mascara and the cashier’ response to my question… “a few months” and then she adds “don’t pump your brush in and out of the tube”.  I had no idea that was a no-no.

So you know when you’re running low and your’e trying to get a lot on your brush, you kinda pump the brush in and out.  What that is actually doing is causing more and more air to get in the tube and drying out your mascara.  WHO KNEW? Not me.  But now I do.. and when you know better… you do better! Sometimes 🙂


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