I’ve made it a priority to make and enjoy one smoothie a day.  It ensures daily that I get in veggies, fruits and superfoods that I might not have consumed otherwise. This regimen has contributed greatly I believe to the my weight loss and health lifestyle changes.   

The recipes that I’ve catalogued, for the most part, I kinda made up on a whim.  Initially I did do some searching and have been inspired by several others but now I wing it and rely on my trusty staples.  As you might imagine throughout this experimentation process there have been some hits and some misses.  

I’ll share the hits for certain and some insight on the misses too!

I’ll also talk about how I decide on what type of smoothie to make each day.  Most days it’s on a whim other days it’s more intentional.  So sometimes it would  depend on the other meals I’m having for the day.  For instance, I won’t make a smoothie that has higher sugar grams if that day I know I’m going out to dinner and will likely have a sweet desert.  Another thing I think about are the superfoods that I put into the smoothies.  Superfoods in the form of powders and such, I typically will use only two per smoothie.  I started doing that because…

1) I didn’t want to overload the smoothie with good stuff just because, but instead wanted to really be aware of what I’m using and why I’m using it.. the benefits and effects.

2) Some superfoods can be on the pricier side, I don’t want to go through an entire bag of something in just a week. Just saying!

I’ve shared a lot about my smoothie regimen and many of the recipes on social.  I’ve  gotten questions from people who have seen the posts wanting more information.  For that reason I’ve decided to compile and share them along with other tidbits of information here.



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