If you’ve read my bio you know that “accessories” were my first love.  I say that because in a sense they were the solution to a problem…

Problem – young girl loves fashion, feminine stuff, being creative – girl doesn’t easily find clothing that she likes that fits her well. The new trendy outfits that are in doesn’t always come in her size.. Girl still wants to be fashionable..

Solution – girl decides to be creative and to not focus solely on the garment but the embellishments and add ons.. in the likes of jewelry, handbags, & shoes. 

I fell in love ya’ll. I love the pieces that I’ve collected for over 20 plus years.  I love the experience of styling them, being extra sometimes and minimal others, being meticulous or just going with the flow..  letting my mood sometimes dictate what and how I put things together and other times the color I’m wearing or maybe the texture of my garment.

I remember often times the outfit was super basic and was simply foundational for the necklace or XL hobo that I wore on top of it.  

The accessories in the shot above were captured at a recent shoot I did of some of the pieces that I’ve collected over the years.  Me and my jewels equal my happy place. My style and selection continue to evolve, but what has remained constant is my love for golden tones and quality pieces.

Check out Gwen Beloti Collection Jewels.



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